Saturday the 7th of September was the 6th annual MAC Dash Triathlon at the Madras Aquatic Center. I had a great time like always with friends and family as we swam, biked, and ran our way around Madras. After completing it once in 2008, I had such a great time, I purchased a used road bike. I’ve seen the event impact many people’s lives in very positive directions. I know of many people that utilized that event as motivation to learn how to swim or revisit swimming after decades removed from the activity. Now those same people swim regularly, which is a great skill and activity that keeps our bodies young and mobile.

MAC DashThe MAC Dash team once again provided one of the most smoothly orchestrated events I’ve participated in. The amazing back drop of Mount Jefferson and the Cascade range, and use of the MAC facility certainly add to the event. This year, the weather was more mild and the views of Mount Jefferson from Juniper Hills Park on the last mile stretch were outstanding. That incredible view helped the discomfort momentarily after enduring the swim and bike portions of the event.

This year, our fellow provider Jim Wallace, PT completed the race with his wife in a team effort and it appears they contracted the MAC Dash bug as well. Their little guy even competed in the  Mini-MAC DASH for children 10 years and younger that was free to enter. All participants received a medal and a T-shirt.

I would like to give a big “Thank You” to Brian Stenberg, ATC for all the help he provided to the triathletes at the Apex Sports Med Tent. Brian helped out last year and he has been an excellent addition to the community. He has been instrumental in providing skilled athletic training services to the local high school and we look forward to seeing him at the 7th annual MAC Dash in 2014.

Lastly, the volunteers and the event organizers did an outstanding job; I can’t recommend participation enough. It is a great event that is all about fun and participation, whether you enter as an individual, a family, or a team of friends or coworkers. If there are ever any questions on how to prepare for a sprint triathlon event such as this, please contact us. We would love to be a helping hand and set up any prospective participant for success.

– Brock Monger, DPT