Apex physical therapist Josh Farrester, DPT, recently attended an educational course in Portland titled “Thrust Manipulation of the Spine” – training which covered manual therapy techniques (specifically manipulation) throughout the spine.

“Low-back, mid-back, and cervical injuries consistently involve mobility limitations, postural deficits, and pain symptoms,” Josh said. “No matter if the injury is acute or chronic, these injuries often respond well to the incorporation of manual therapy techniques.”

Looking at research-based interventions, manipulation is regularly recommended for low-back and cervical injuries due to its efficacy in addressing pain symptoms. Some studies have indicated better pain control with the use of manual therapy vs. medications or surgery.

The course Josh attended covered a variety of techniques throughout the neck region, mid-back, ribs, and low-back. The techniques taught are simple, comfortable, and effective, as many patients have already reported a positive result due to their use at Apex Physical Therapy.

“Coupling these techniques with exercise interventions will provide the most potential net benefit for improving patient’s symptoms when dealing with injuries to the neck and back regions,” Josh added.

To talk to a member of the Apex Physical Therapy staff about manual therapy techniques for your back pain, call our Madras office at (541) 475-1218.