Temporary closing to help reduce COVID-19 spread in Central Oregon, says Apex Physical Therapy co-owner Brock Monger.

Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its strain on Central Oregon health care resources, Apex Physical Therapy physical therapist and co-owner Brock Monger announced his Madras clinic will be closed until further notice.  Noting that we can all get through these temporary hardships together.

In place of in-person appointments, however, the Apex Physical Therapy team will be offering Telehealth services for patients looking to reduce pain and restore mobility, perhaps due to the postponement of an orthopedic surgery.

“It’s been a super tough decision for me, but I just couldn’t stay open,” Monger said. “The community takes priority here.”

Monger’s concern for tempering the spread of COVID-19 isn’t simply medical. Back in 1918, his grandfather, Lloyd, lost his mother to the Spanish Flu when he was just 2 years old. Having just given birth to Lloyd’s little brother, she was stricken as part of a vulnerable population.

A century later, Monger doesn’t want to put vulnerable people at risk in his own community.

“As physical therapists, we’ve been told we’re essential health care providers, and I appreciate that,” he added. “But, when I realize the biggest hospital in a 75-mile radius only has 25 ICU beds, I need to know my team and I are being part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

Telehealth PT Services Offered

By offering Telehealth services, Monger and his team of physical therapists are able to continue scheduling appointments with patients, but the actual appointment will take place over a computer or smartphone.

A Telehealth appointment is essentially a video conference between the patient and their Apex physical therapist.

“While our clinic is closed, that doesn’t mean the mobility and comfort of our patients have to be sacrificed,” Monger said. “Through a Telehealth appointment, we can help patients decrease pain as much as possible, restore mobility as much as possible, and make sure they don’t get behind schedule on any of their post-surgical rehabilitation.”

And, because many non-emergency surgeries have been postponed or canceled – procedures such as arthroscopy, ligament repairs and joint replacements – Telehealth can be a solution in helping these patients to remain comfortable and active as they wait to reschedule.

“We as physical therapists are caring problem solvers at heart,” Monger said. “That’s what led us to this line of work. So, we’d love the opportunity to increase function and make the days more manageable for those who are injured or in pain.”

According to Monger, most private health insurance plans will cover Telehealth services. Or, if you’re a Medicare patient, simply as for an “E-Visit.”

While the Apex Physical Therapy clinic is closed, their front desk will be staffed daily to take questions and schedule Telehealth appointments for both new and existing patients. Those interested in learning more about how Telehealth physical therapy can lead them down a more mobile, pain-free road can call or text the Apex main line at (541) 475-1218.