Physical Therapy for Seniors

Physical Therapy for Seniors guides patients through motion-based techniques to build strength, regain range of motion and flexibility and improve balance and coordination. PT can help manage acute conditions or chronic illnesses. Goals are to enable you to regain your abilities to get through your daily activities and to enjoy your recreational activities. Physical Therapy is also a medication free way to control pain.

The medical community is finding that Physical Therapy can be used for a variety of medical conditions that include arthritis, Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers, strokes, chronic pain and COPD. Also we can guide you through exercises that can improve balance, coordination, stamina and flexibility. Becoming stronger can reduce Fall Risk, reduce risk of future injury and reduce joint stress.

Another goal here at Apex is to help you build a Home Exercise Program that you can benefit long term. Managing the desired level of fitness can become increasingly challenging.  Keeping strong and flexible can keep you moving confidently through your life’s activities. Creating a program that is tailored to your needs is something we strive for.

Apex can also help if you are challenged with movements such as rising from low chairs, moving from sitting to lying down, getting into vehicles, standing for long periods to do household tasks and other days to day movements that have become difficult.

The benefits of Physical Therapy overmedication or surgery also include avoiding negative side effects and enjoying a shorter recovery period.

Many insurances allow patients to self-refer to physical therapy.

Give our front desk team a call, we have experts in guiding how to access physical therapy.

Bring your young athlete in for a FREE injury screen before their season starts.

We can help determine if your injury can be managed by physical therapy

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