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The replacement of a joint, such as a knee, hip or shoulder, is a major surgery that can lead you down a path toward incredible rewards – a new lease on life, some say, which opens doors you may have thought had permanently closed. To pass through these doors takes time and incredible commitment, and Apex Physical Therapy will be at your side every step of the way.

The Apex Physical Therapy Total Joint Care Program is an individualized, multi-faceted approach to rehabilitation following total joint replacement surgery, one that emphasizes healing and the utilization of the correct treatments at the correct intervals. Throughout the process, our physical therapists are regularly in contact with the operating surgeon, who will work with us as we devise a comprehensive plan focused on reaching functional goals individualized for each client.

All Total Joint Program plans are created to achieve incremental levels of functional success following these major surgeries: increased range of motion, the ability to walk and move properly, balance, strength, and the reduction of pain and swelling. In addition, we believe education remains the backbone of each stage of healing. Throughout the course of treatment, all clients are taught home exercise programs that can improve healing and, when necessary, are given joint-specific precautions.

Here at Apex Physical Therapy, we love playing a role in returning you to the lifestyle – the future – that you always envisioned.

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