Work Injury Prevention

An on the job injury can be a very painful and stressful event. 

Work is often more than a means to “pay the bills” or “put food on the table”, meaningful work is good for our health and our sense of wellbeing.  We understand that work frequently requires some sort of movement or function, often it can athletic in nature.  At Apex, we are able to harness our sports medicine knowledge, movement expertise and rehabilitation skills to help the industrial athlete/ injured worker get back to work as soon as possible.  Early physical therapy saves money and leads to optimal outcomes. 

Our Work Injury Prevention and Rehab Services:

  • Rehabilitation of the Industrial Athlete or Injured Worker
  • Customized Job-Specific Stretch and Flex Program Development
  • Return to work planning
  • Ergonomic Assessment and Training
  • On-Site Workplace Early Intervention and Health Promotion Collaboration

If you are an injured worker, ask your physician if your condition would be appropriate to see a rehabilitation specialist to decrease pain and speed up recovery, give us a call with any questions.  If you are an employer interested in reducing rates of injuries, customized stretch and flex routines and improve employee health, we can help with these goals.

Many insurances allow patients to self-refer to physical therapy.

Give our front desk team a call, we have experts in guiding how to access physical therapy.

Bring your young athlete in for a FREE injury screen before their season starts.

We can help determine if your injury can be managed by physical therapy

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